Tobias Sherman is the older brother of Nikki Sherman. Tobias is calm except for when something related to Mr. Sherman his father happens. Tobias is also very brave once wrestling Mr. Sherman before the family shortly after christmas when Mr. Sherman came back breifly for supposedly just a vistit but Tobias knew he would harm them all. Tobias has a drivers licensce already being seventeen and eighteen and is seen taking Nikki home from Needle and Thread during the first seiries. Tobias is not nearly as caring for the stray dogs around the Sherman's back yard as Nikki and Mae are but did not mistreat them unlike Mr. Sherman but helped Nikki in book 3 TIS THE SEASON take them to Sheltering Arms the lolcal animal shelter. Tobias defends Paw-Paw the Sherman's dog the former stray in book 3 TIS THE SEASON when he kicks Mr. Sherman out of the house. Tobias dosn't really care about being poor except for grumbling to Mrs. Sherman in book 4 BEST FRIENDS that the kids in his grade make fun of his car while Mrs. Sherman cleverly replies to tell them it is a work in progress. Tobias envies people who own Audi cars including MRs. Duvane a friend of his mother's from high school. Mrs. Duvane dose not only have a nice car but is pretty rich and often tactlessly helps hte Shermans making Tobias call her and old bat just like the rest of his family.



(to Nikki in NEEDLE AND THREAD book 2)

Family and going to college Edit

Tobias often tries to protect his family from their abusive father, and is very protective of his sisters. Tobias is known as the first Sherman to go to Collage!  Tobias at first wanted to keep his college applications a secret (this is shown in book 4 BEST FRIENDS) but later his sisters Nikki and Mae find out in book 5 THE SECRET BOOK CLUB.  Tobias cares for the whole family except Mr. Sherman and barely cares when Mr. Sherman leaves except that the family will be alright.

Mother: Mrs. Sherman

Father: Mr. Sherman

Sister: Nikki Sherman

Sister: Mae Sherman