Mindy Read lives in the fourth Row House.   Mindy's birth is unknown but we know she was born around 1937 due to her granddaughter Flora's history project about her father Lyman Davis.   Mindy's nickname is Min  which came from Flora and Ruby when they were little because Min always said: "IN A MINUTE".   Min's oldest daughter Frannie and her son in law Mr. Northrop died in a car crash when Flora was ten and Ruby was eight.  Min made time for her grandaughters when she became their legal guardian and treated them with wisdom and love.   Min works at her co-owned store Needle and Thread. The other owner is Gigi Walter Olivia's grandmother. Min is proper and a little strict and dissaproves if Flora and Ruby are impolite or do not do schoolwork or work hard on their after-school activities such as when Ruby in book 8 SPECIAL DELIVERY forgot to practice her choir solos.  Min constantly says certain old expreseions when excited, happy, upset  or shocked.   

Family Edit

Daughter: Frannie Northrop

Daughter: Allie Read

Son-in-Law: Mr. Northrop

Granddaughter: Flora Northrop

Granddaughter: Ruby Northrop

Mother: Martha Davis

Father: Lyman Davis

Sister: Mary Elizabeth  Davis ( Unknown if married)

Aunt: Sophie (mentioned in WELCOME TO CAMDEN FALLS)