Olivia is the BFF of Flora Marie Northrop, Ruby Northrop and Niccolette Sherman.

Olivia is nerdy and loves insects espcially butterflies  and can't stand to see them dead.  Often classmates of Olivia's will tease her for being  nerdy or for skipping a grade which made Olivia feel like "A fish out of water" as she describes it in WELCOME TO CAMDEN FALLS before Flora and Ruby and Nikki steped into her life. 

Olivia is the eldest sister of two in her five-member family although we never here much about her brothers Henry and Jack in Main Street. Her parents Mr. Jackson Walter and Mrs. Wendy Walter who co-own Sicerely Yours a gift and candy store for the second half of the main street seiries.  In the first half Mr. Walter looses his job at a computer company which he said boring and as the Walters didn't have a job by christmas they nearly moved in TIS THE SEASON.   He paternal grandmother Evelyn Walter (or Gigi) owns the sewing store  Needle and thread with Flora and Ruby's Grandma Min Read.

Olivia is black and grateful Mr. Pennington moved into the Row houses or there might never have been people of other races and cultures of residence there.  Olivia adores the Row Houses and could never live anywhere else but Camden Falls or the Row Houses.

Olivia had her first boyfriend in seventh grade although not entirely sure she wanted to admit it she pretended they were just good friends.  Olivia also wishes she were interested in the things Melody and Tanya her mortal enemies are such as clothes, ipods and jewlery. A number of bad thing happen while fighting including Melody blackmailing Olivia into doing half her homework in September Surprises. Olivia feared Flora and Nikki would become popular kids after going to a party at Tanya's one day.

Oliva loved her sixth grade teacher's Mrs. Madel and Mr. Donaldson and had a hard time seeing Mrs. Mandel retire and later graduating elementary school in the first half.


Wendy Walter: Mother

Jackson Walter: Father

Henry Walter: Brother

Jack Walter: Brother

Gigi Walter: Grandma

Poppy Walter: Grandpa








Camden Falls

Needle and Thread

Main Street




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